Model Dory Kits and plans
Grand Bank Dory
at 1" and 2" to 1' Scale

These models are true scale Plank on Frame replicas of the famous 2 man fishing boats used for cod fishing on the east coast of North America and Canada from the 1850's to the 1960's. They ranged in size from 12 to 28 feet, but the most common was the 12 foot Banks  Dory or the 15 foot Newfoundland Dory. Lengths were based on the measured length of the bottom and a 12 Foot Dory measured 15' 6" overall length.


The Dory is a unique craft, being a flat bottomed work boat, with a hard chine and straight planks for the sides giving a marked sheer (swept up bow and stern).
    The Dories were operated from the larger Schooners and with their distinctive design, could be stacked one inside the other, as much as eight boats high. This reduced required deck storage space on the Schooner. They were very seaworthy and became more stable with a full load of fish.
Kits are available in two sizes: 1" to 1' Scale measuring  15.5" overall length

  • 2" to 1' Scale measuring  31.5" overall length
  • Materials are high quality basswood for planking, gunwales and thwarts (seats), with die cut plywood Frames, Stem and Transom.  A 12 page illustrated instruction booklet makes the boat suited to the beginner.  Despite its simple lines, the Dory makes up as a museum quality model.

    Plans were drawn up as CAD drawings using measurements from full size dories. As a result, all scaled down drawings are accurately reproduced in all respects.

    Plans and Instructions are also available separately for the 2" to 1' scale model.

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