Over the past couple of years, I have succumbed to electric flying.  I had tried it about a dozen years ago and after writing off a cobalt motor, expensive receiver and a good model, I figured it was not for me.

However, the recent advances in quality and performance of motors and batteries plus the improved understanding of the black art of electricity, has led to a new generation of light, silent powered aircraft, which can be flown without hassle in relitively small areas.

From the humble stick, geared GWS models to 1/4 Scale Aero-Tugs for 4-5 metre Scale Sailplanes, the technology is available to produce high performance models without excess weight and mediocre performance.  Indoor R/C is also a viable option with models weighing as little as 12 gms a practical proposition.

I  am no expert in this field, but have turned out a few home designs which have given me a lot of satisfaction in performance standards.  Attached are a few of my models with general descriptions.

The Ugly Pusher electric model in the photos below is a purpose designed Photo Plane. It is the EYESPY and is equiped with a 3.2 Mpixel Olympus camera which can be fitted  to take oblique or vertical photos. It has only been used at one location (and not one of the most photogenic sites) but with the advent of spring will be churning out some good shots.  It is powered by an AXI brushless Outrunner motor and is a dream to fly. Chris Dean also has one flying with an Axi. He is shown launching his on 1/3 throttle.  Elated with the success of this model, I built a 1/2 size version which will be fitted with a 1.3 Mpixel camera - the MiniEYESPY. The finished weight of this 25" model is 4.1 ozs and with the stripped camera should be under 5 ozs.
MOMO GWS Electric Biplane
MOMO electric version
of Ray Malmstrom's Mimi

EpeSpy and Mini-Eyespy Photo Planes
Mini-Eyespy and Eyespy Photo Planes




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