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NEW    Free Full Size PDF Plans
Note: these drawings are copyrighted and I have made them available for the modelling community to make limited personal copies.
They should not be used for commercial purposes without obtaining clearance from John O'Sullivan.
Free Flight:
Pocket Rocket -Cox 0.01 Power     25" Free flight Power model
EXECUTIONER - Cox 0.09 Contest Power Model  52" wingspan
Squiggle - 36" Beginners Towline Glider - Balsa Fuselage
Squiggle with built up fuselage
Sardine - 18" Beginners Stick Rubber Model

  Linnet, Sparrow, Hi-Tee, Lost Chord A/2, Blackfly A/2 to come.

Claim Jumper - 60" Slope racer
Feather - Indoor R/C model
     Mo-Mo, Little Star, Ohmbrew to come

  More free plans will be added to  in the coming months

Other plans for sale :  
Eyespy Photoplane    Plans - 54" Electric Pusher Photo Plane
Grand Bank Dory - Kits and Plans at 1" and 2" to 1' scale  (Kit of 1" Dory Not Currently Available)
 Claim Jumper  Plans - 60" Aileron/elevator Slope Racer
  Minifex    Plans - 2 metre Rudder Elevator Spoiler R/C Sailplane
 Pocket Rocket Plans - 25" Free Flight Gas for Cox 0.010
  Executioner   -    Plans - 52" Free Flight Gas for .049 to .09 c.i
 Squiggle   Plans  -  36" Free Flight Beginners Glider

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All plans are precise CAD drawings
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Eyespy Photoplane
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Ted Evan's Jaguar Plan
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